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AVT - IME 6300T

Jika menginginkan sebuah Double Din yang pintar dan simple dengan design yang begitu Istimewa yang bisa diajak berkelana dalam perjalanan Anda bersama mobil kesayangan Anda, miliki AVT - IME 6300T ini.

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Highlights :

  • Model : AVT - IME 6300T
  • 2-Din 6.2 Inch Monitor With Fixed Panel
  • DVD / VCD / CD / MP3 / MP4 / JPEG / DVD+R / DVD-R / DVD + RW / DVD-RW / CD-R / CD-RW Playback
  • Buily-in Bluetooth (A2DP Handsfree)
  • Built-in TV Tuner, compatible with PAL / NTSC
  • Built-in Navigation (Optional)
  • Front USB / SD / AUX - In
  • Steering Wheel Control
  • Sub - Out
  • ESP and Anto - Shock Mechanism
  • 4 Channels x 50W Max Power Output
  • 4 Channels x 30W RMS Power Output
  • 4-brand EQ (Classic, POP, Rock, Flat)
  • PLL Tuner with 18FM / 12AM Presets
  • 4 Channels x 4V Line Out
  • 2 Channels Video Output
  • Rear Camera Input
  • Rear AV-In
  • Remote Control


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