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AVA - AVD 338T

AVA - AVD 338T ini adalah Head Unit dengan fitur dan spesifikasi yang sama persis seperti AVA - AVD 331T. Kedua Head Unit ini telah menjadi pilihan bagi Costomer kami untuk menciptakan Nuansa Hiburan penuh Makna dalam mobil kesayangan bersama Keluarga..!

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Model : AVA - AVD 338T ▪ 2Din 6.5Inch Touch Screen TFT LCD ▪ USB Support on Front panel ▪ Built-in TV Tuner with Multisystem and AM / FM ▪ AM / FM 2 band radio ▪ Specially built-in reverse video input, while backing the car, auto - changer to rearview lens and display the condition of reverse ▪ Full Channel (TV) tuner : PAL B/G, PAL I, PAL D/K, NTSC M/N ▪ Wide application range, highly compatible ▪ Auto Memory : all the set parameters and positions can be memorized and restored automatically ▪ DSP equalizer (Rock, Jazz, Classic, POP) ▪ 24 bit read, 32 bit play ▪ AUX audio input ▪ Super anti - shock system (ESP) ▪ Loud Control ▪ Last Memory Function ▪ Auto identify PAL / NTSC ▪ Super slim infrared remote control ▪ GPS Navigation Optional ▪ Warranty

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